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B.B. Wood Creations

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils

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These wooden cooking utensils are 100% handmade. Wood spatulas and utensils offer a safe alternative to other kitchen materials. Wood offers a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, alternative to you and your family.

Utensils are sold separately, not as a set. 

Important Notice: Products are NOT dishwasher safe and are NOT meant to be submerged or soaked in water. Hand wash the wooden item in warm water, with a mild dish soap. After washing the item, rinse and allow it to air dry. Wooden items should be completely dry before you put it away. 

Items are finished with a food safe oil. Re-apply a food safe oil when the finish starts to dull. 

Please keep in mind that all wood pieces, although they may be the same material, will differ from one another. These are one of a kind items, and are impossible to recreate exactly as it is. Items can and may vary in size and overall appearance from other similar items. 

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